No other North American resort receives such diverse comments from Brits. Most love it; but a  few hate it. There's little doubt nowhere better combines the best of Europe & North America. The large varied ski area, ski-convenience and nightlife of Val d'Isere; the high quality accommodation, modern lifts, friendliness and great kid's facilities of the States; the spectacular scenery and good exchange rate of Canada. But you take a greater than usual chance with the weather this close to the Pacific, and it's certainly the most crowded resort in North America.

We get a lot of "cheap as poss" enquiries for Whistler but it's no longer that sort of resort. It's gone up market - swanley hotels, plush condos, generally all mod cons. Given a bit of luck with the weather you will have a great time at Whistler, but it will cost you a few bob.

Biggest ski area in North America; great for all grades
Excellent lift system; disperses crowds
Reliable snow on upper slopes Excellent lift system; disperses crowds
Being purpose built, everything is readily to hand
Non-stop flights from UK
Lively nightlife
Very crowded by North American standards
Prices have rocketed. Few cheap options these days
You take a chance with damp cloudy weather this close to the ocean

There is a huge range of accommodation and we have rates at a good proportion of it. Let us know what sort of thing you are looking for and we will advise on the best options for you.


Whistler is growing all the time. There are new hotels, condos, private homes, restaurants and bars opening every year. It's now a huge, bustling resort that's particularly popular with lively groups. A sort of Canadian Val d'Isere.

Two Centre Options: Sun Peaks, Whistler, Colorado (Fly Denver)

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