We can book the nice little Idaho resorts of Tamarack or Schweitzer for clients, but for most people Idaho is all about Sun Valley. It was the most famous ski resort in North America in the 1930’s but it’s been a little left behind by the modern ski industry, partly because it’s privately owned and therefore doesn’t have the international marketing resources of the big corporation-owned resorts, and party because it has until recently been difficult to reach. But the skiing is excellent for all but real hot shots, the Old West town of Ketchum is full of character and the lovely Sun Valley Lodge is a must for ski historians and lovers of luxury hotels alike. Prices are very reasonable too. It’s not the greatest resort for late season snow so we wouldn’t recommend it for Easter.  

Booking Snippet:
Sun Valley accommodation and lift pass prices are a flat rate throughout the season, which makes them particularly good value peak season when other resorts tend to raise their prices. There are two ways to get there from the UK – 3 flights to Sun Valley’s own airport or 2 flights to Boise , then a 3 hour transfer. We recommend the 3-flight option because the connections are good and once at Sun Valley airport you have no transfers to speak of. The 3-flight option is via Salt Lake City so a 2-centre with Utah is an easy option; the 2-flighter can be via San Francisco or Chicago, either of which would make a great stopover for a couple of nights

Ski Manager:
“Sun Valley is a favourite of mine because nowhere else in the world has such immaculately bashed steep pistes, ideal for really putting those new carver skis of yours through their paces. If, like me, you find pistes that turn to moguls as soon as they get steep frustrating, come here for a great fast blast! I also like the fine array of mountain restaurants – even the base area cafeteria is housed in a superb building full of giant log beams and serves good food. The skiing history museum is great, and there’s also plenty of other interest for part-time or non-skiers. You might even see one of the low key film stars who come here such as Clint Eastwood.”