There are lots of ski areas in New Mexico but only one is interesting enough to be an international destination, Taos. It’s one of the great ski areas on the planet for advanced/expert skiers yet it’s little known on the UK market. Two reasons – 1) Most people will not book a ski holiday to anywhere with the word Mexico in the title! It conjures up images of scorching sun rather than the white fluffy stuff. 2) Taos doesn’t market itself internationally. If it did, skiers would know that it’s a very similar resort in many ways to the much more marketed much more well known, Jackson Hole. Tough mountain, charming town 20 minutes drive away, choice of staying slope-side or in the town.

Booking Snippet:
If you have to book late for peak season dates and all the flights are sold out to Colorado, Canada, Wyoming et al, check out Albuquerque. I bet seats are available. You have to hire a car– there is no transfer system. But it’s only a 2 hour drive to Taos, or we can put you in an Albuquerque Airport hotel for your first night and you can do the drive the next morning. Sorry, no snowboarders allowed at Taos. The loveliest small city in America, Sante Fe, is nearby and Taos is full of charm and interest too, so it’s a great choice for an advanced skier with a non-skier partner.

Ski Manager:
“Taos is awesome. It deserves to be better known in the UK. It has world class skiing for hot shots but it’s also good for beginners and novices. It’s much better than niche rivals Jackson Hole or Kicking Horse, in this respect. It has some nice intermediate runs too so would even satisfy a part time intermediate skier who does a bit of skiing and a bit of sightseeing/shopping. Taos had the best snow of any resort in North America several years running in the late nineties/early norties, but the law of averages caught up with it big time in 2005 – it had its worse year ever with little snowfall all season. The slope-side resort is limited. The lovely town is the place to stay. So if you tend to book late when the snow has already arrived, and don’t mind driving to the slopes, Taos can be a great option.”