We sell hundreds of ski trips to North America each year, and thousands of non –skiing stays in such places as Vancouver Island, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Florida, the Grand Canyon, the Deep South, National Parks, wildlife spotting and so on.

But we’re always surprised at how so few ski clients combine their sport with a few days of sun, sightseeing or shopping in such interesting places. Why not give it a try?

Our ski guru Ian always combines his skiing with other things. Last season he combined his trip to Canadian ski resorts with stops in beautiful Quebec City and spectacular Vancouver Island. Next season he’s checking out the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and the amazing art of New Mexico en-route to the Colorado resorts. Another member of staff Verity is stopping off in New York en-route to Aspen in December.

We provide the same expert tailor-made service to these places as we do ski resorts, so if you would like some ideas about combining skiing and something different, JUST LET US KNOW.