There are other resorts in Wyoming, but whenever anyone mentions skiing in this state it means one thing – Jackson Hole. All the stories you’ve heard about the skiing are true. Forget Argentiere, this is THE big one. It’s tough out there. You can stay very cheaply in town 12 miles from the slopes, or much more expensively at the slope-side Teton Village. Other than the Mangy Moose Saloon, which is great, there isn’t much else there. This said, the hotels and many of the condos are excellent, and the skiing is certainly tiring, so a lot of people stay at Teton to just ski, eat well & sleep in comfort, and for that it’s ideal. Jackson town is full of character and interest, and there are lots to see and do other than ski. It’s the best resort in the business for part-time or non-skiers. But it’s also a slightly cheap and cheerful sort of place. Some of the hotels and restaurants, for example, are not of the high quality you would expect in say Colorado. But there are some very nice places so don’t worry, we will steer you to the best places to stay and eat.  

Booking Snippet:
Jackson Hole is a world class ski resort yet accommodation prices in town are low. This is because Jackson is the main resort for Yellowstone National Park in summer, and as such, has a huge amount of accommodation available. The Jackson ski area is too niche to attract sufficient numbers to sell out the place, so hoteliers have to be very competitive with their pricing. Jackson really is an amazing bargain. However, there aren’t that many flights into its little airport, and its too remote for many people to get there by any other means, so flight seats sell out early. The best flight from the UK is with American Airlines. They get to Jackson in 2 flights, whereas the other airlines take 3. The best connections are out of Gatwick on the outbound, but back to Heathrow on the return. You can return to Gatwick but it’s a lousy connection. There is no outbound connection from Heathrow.

Ski Manager:
“Jackson Hole is fantastic so long as you like to be challenged. The tough skiing is very tough and even the intermediate skiing can be quite awkward because they don’t groom the blue runs as often as they do at other resorts. Even some of the paths can be taxing! And don’t even think about the infamous Corbett’s Couloir unless you are a very good skier indeed. Jackson has the best nightlife of any American resort but if you’ve still got energy to partake you obviously haven’t been skiing hard enough! Be sure to check out the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, complete with saddles for bar stools (quite uncomfortable actually!), whatever the collective noun is for pool tables and loud country & western music. December-mid-March is the time to ski Jackson. It’s not a place for Easter holidays. These tough runs get just too much like hard work when the snow starts to get soft in the late season sun. Make sure you get over to wonderful Grand Targhee at least once during your stay. It’s only an hour and a quarter away and there’s a daily shuttle service. It has one of the highest snowfall records in the world and the slopes are very uncrowded so untracked powder can last for days after a storm. There are pistes but it’s pretty much ski anywhere terrain. It’s the ultimate place for intermediates to do easy, safe off-piste skiing.”